Getting paid on time

Article written by Linda Barry, Assistant Director of the Small Firms Association Getting paid on time is a never-ending concern for anyone in business, especially if your business is a small business. Late payment causes serious cash flow problems, requires firms to extend overdraft facilities and in some cases can even lead to insolvency and [...]

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What can you do?

Always agree payment terms in advance as part of your contract agreement Establish a payment system that will allow ease of payments Publish your payment process on your website so that suppliers are aware of your terms and conditions and who to speak to if they have a query Resolve any invoice disputes quickly, efficiently [...]

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Prompt Payment is good for YOU!

It enhances your reputation which makes you more attractive to suppliers A culture of prompt payment promotes cash flow in both directions – you pay your suppliers on time and you get paid for your sales on time You will avoid costly late payment interest fees and compensation costs

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